2014 Otpusk launches Development direction and begins developing websites and software for clients. Now we are finishing projects for NewsTravel, Silpo-Voyage and Inna-Tour (Russia).

2013 Otpusk.com makes crucial redesign, and launches the «dynamic search» on some tour operators’ prices. For these tour operators we guarantee 100% prices relevance.
«Hot tours agency network» buys a server version of MoiTuristy CRM for more than 150 travel agencies of the network.

2012 Launching of the project MoiTuristy.ru – A cloud CRM-system for travel agencies, aimed to Russian and Ukrainian markets.
TurPravda enters TOP-10 tourist sites in Russia, and it is the absolute leader in the niche of reviews in Ukraine.

2011 The project www.otpusk.com has been running on 12 servers.

2010 TurPravda enters Russian market and starts selling advertising under the trademark «Turzvonok» (call sales to customers).

2008 Otpusk.com has been growing rapidly. To ensure the relevance of stages and accommodate more offers, we change search tours software architecture. The number of servers or “shards” that contain data has been increasing.

2007 Launching of the project www.mandria.ua — the site about rest in Ukraine.

2006 Launching of the project www.turpravda.ua — the hotel review site. The site is being filled exclusively by tourists.

2005 We bought the domain name www.otpusk.com and made it the primary address.

2003 The company history began with the creation of www.otpusk.com.ua — the site about tours price comparison.