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  • Years of experience in the development of tourism projects
    Expertise that has been accumulated by our company for 11 years, allows us not wasting time and money on research and errors, but immediately following the winning path.
  • We use finished components and modules
    We never write the same thing twice. We copy and paste. All the saved time we dedicate to solving your tasks that require creative and strategic thinking.
  • Own expert team
    You will not believe, but we have developers who have been working in our company for more than 11 years. Each of us is not just a performer, but defines the standards for excellence in the professional field.
  • We bet your ship will sail
    There is a big difference between fulfilling the technical task and bringing the project to life. We always abandon the project if it is not viable.

Today the total monthly sites audience developed by ODEV exceeds a million people

Daily, every third Ukrainian travel agency uses technologies developed by Otpusk

All the projects, that we have developed, are now online, work and bring profits to their owners

Work examples

  • Site and tours search for «Silpo Voyage» travel agency chain

    Agency chain «Tours & Tickets»

    The largest Ukrainian tourism
  • A review site about the experience exchange between tourists «TurPravda»

    Design & Support of CRM for «MoiTuristy»

    Car-restoration laboratory site «Servis55»

Our Services

For tourist agency
  • Development of tours search and booking
  • Agent accounts
  • Fill and support of your hotels database
  • Integrate a site with Self-Tour and another tour operator software
  • And other…

For travel agency
Travel agency site with an individual design, content, mail for 6000 UAH? It is possible by means of the use of such modules as tour search, hot tours, hotels catalog, order form and many others.

Not just tourism
Our possibilities are not limited to tourism only. We are great at programming, page-proofing, drawing, testing everything concerning Web. We understand how Web is arranged inside. We carefully consider your project and put our soul in it.

  • Complex projects from scratch and SaaS-applications
  • Sites on popular CMS
  • Online shops
  • Mobile Development

  • Servers Administration
  • Content management of products, texts, images
  • Data protection, backup
  • Advice & Support

Finished modules
  • Tours search
  • Hot tours
  • Hotels catalog
  • Tourism news
  • Order Form / Feedback

  • Logo and corporate identity
  • Interfaces prototyping
  • Website and applications design
  • Advertising design

Work principles

A poor website is the one that is just available on the Internet. A middling site differs from the poor one by the fact that customers read it. A good site is one that your customers fill, and that brings you profits. A brilliant site makes it all even in ten years after the launch.

Programs & Services development
Many people like walking, but how far can you walk without a vehicle? CRM-system is a vehicle for the sales company. We are ready to provide your company with a transport, which takes you to Baden-Baden.

Layout and mobile layout
Qualitative content needs a nice and neat cover that will perfectly look on both large and mobile screen.

Content managers’ routine operations should be automated as much as possible. The CMS should not only be able to change the content, but also to control those who do it. Sometimes we use finished CMS, but we often develop our own systems – ideal for the project.

Linux system administration
The full service of Linux systems, starting from installation and adjustment to the project needs, and ending with daily monitoring, periodic analyses and performance optimization, protection from DDOS-attacks, support for multiserver systems.