Website promotion travel agency. Where to start and what to do?

When they say “we are interested in promoting the site of a travel agency” or “promotion of a travel site” usually implies a set of measures taken to increase site traffic. That traffic to your site will be a key metric for measuring the level of promotion of the travel agency. The greater the audience that visits the site every day, the higher the income of the travel agency.

The number of orders of tours is growing in proportion to the growth of traffic to your site. By traffic, they mean visitors, Internet users who were searching for something on Google, Facebook, or simply chatting with friends in the messenger and eventually came to your website by clicking on a link or from search results, or from advertising by clicking on a banner.

So how to “promote a travel agency website”? There are several areas in the promotion of sites that are paying special attention. Let’s list them.

  • trying to achieve high positions in google
  • trying to attract the audience to the site in social networks
  • trying to get traffic from specialized sites
  • buy traffic through contextual advertising tools
  • email newsletters, etc.

As you can see, there are a lot of options to get traffic to the site. It is difficult to identify the main directions, they are usually used together. High positions in Google according to the list of requests chosen in advance by the customer will be given the same traffic. True, its size will depend on the chosen keywords, their popularity among tourists. These are the questions that a tourist asks the search engine when looking for a tour to Spain or to a city, for example, how much does a holiday in Turkey cost ?. Get high positions due to the optimization of the site for search engines (seo) and is engaged in this seo specialist.

In social networks, an individual employee creates a company page and fills it with content. Gives advertisements about promotions and discounts on a multimillion audience, which can be divided by geography, gender, interests, and each user group can send its own unique message (message). Having set up feedback through social networks with potential clients of a travel agency, he engages in dialogue, answers questions, helps with a choice and a user who is ready to place an order, reports agency managers to sign an agreement on the provision of travel services.

Thematic sites, forums, portals, price aggregators are very popular. At such sites, the audience already needed by the agency, that is, tourists, is already present. They either read articles about the sights of Paris, or pick up package tours to Egypt, comparing prices from different tour operators, or simply share their experience of the traveler, telling how they rested in a five-star hotel. On such sites

advertising can and should be given, the average price of switching to a travel agency website will be lower than from contextual advertising by Google, which we will talk about a little later, and the quality of the traffic will be at a very high level. Speaking about the quality of the site, we mean that it will not be casual users who were interested in microwaves and wandered to look at the Maldives, and these will be users who are now interested in tourism, trips or excursions. The percentage of buyers from the total number of visitors to the site is expected, with such traffic, high, which means that the agency will receive the desired profit.

Google contextual advertising tools. What is it all about? This is Google Adwords. The system allows you to create text and image ads, and show them only to those users who have entered your request to the search engine. There is a lot of traffic, users too, no matter how many requests and money you add, Google will always find traffic for your entire budget. The traffic goes to the site an inexhaustible stream, the only thing that can stop it is a negative balance. Yes, the money runs out very quickly, and so that they are not wasted, it is better to entrust this work to an individual specialist. Because this is essentially an auction, where there are a lot of people who want to buy users who are looking for “tours to Turkey”, and there are a limited number of users who are looking for tours. Therefore, the traffic will get the one who will have the best indicators of the quality of the ads, the site and of course the size of the bid, the price you are willing to pay for this transition. The average price always floats to keep it at a profitable level for a travel agency, and a sem specialist is needed.

As the site grows in popularity, new opportunities open up, for example, you have customers, they have subscribed to your email newsletter and want to receive emails with interesting offers and favorable discounts. This is where the email list comes into play. Without a database of addresses of users who are interested in your services, this method cannot be used.

In the early stages of advancement, there are 2-3 main areas, depending on the desired results, and approve the monthly budget. They are also different. The more destinations the travel agency wants to cover, the greater will be the corresponding budget for promotion. Very conditionally, according to the size of the budget, you can divide them into three types, small, medium and large. To small budgets can be attributed monthly costs in the region of 200-250 dollars. Average budgets range from 500-1000 dollars. And large, respectively, more than 1000 dollars per month. It can be 5 and 10 thousand, the final amount can be calculated only if the goals are precisely set and the scope of work on the site is specified.

So which budget to choose? More yes better or here this rule does not work? First of all, we would advise you to define for yourself the main goals that you wish to achieve by starting to promote your travel agency website. For example, you know that your agency has strengths in the tourist destinations of Tunisia and Bulgaria. And also you do not have a practically unlimited budget for promotion. We would like to get high positions in Google on requests related to Bulgaria and Tunisia, and keep the company’s page on Facebook. Want to develop your own small community, where the remaining buyers of tours will be satisfied with your work.

In other words, your goal is to invest in providing the site with stable traffic from the search engine by users who are looking for your services and who you would like to make your regular customers through social networks. Your choice is “small” or “medium” budget. It includes 2 directions, high positions in Google and social network Facebook. If you are interested in 4-5 directions and wide audience coverage, not only Tunisia and Bulgaria, then you accordingly need a “big” budget for the promotion of the tourist site.

Briefly repeat the main things, identify clear goals that you set for the site before the start of the promotion. Think about whether these goals are achievable with your monthly budget. Adjust either budget or goals. Refer to the professionals. They will not waste your time and your money just like that. Good luck!