Advertising site travel agency. Why does not it work?

The unsuccessful advertising of the travel agency website, on which they spent a lot of money, time and nerves – the “sick corn” of every second director. Why it happens? Is karma to blame or are there other reasons?

Let’s go through each type of advertising, which is most often used by travel agencies.

  • Contextual advertising.

This is the most popular, promising and costly form of advertising. The budget for the context of “rubber”: you pay, and they click, pay, and they look! Where are the sales?

Course of events:

  1. Suppose a tourist was looking for a «last minute tour to Sri Lanka», «hotels in Hurghada» or “sightseeing tours”.
  2. The search engine showed your advertising – here is what you are looking for!
  3. A joyful tourist comes to your site, and there are no showcases of burning tours of Sri Lanka, no hotels in Hurghada, and sightseeing tours are lost somewhere.
  4. Sad, offended tourist leaves with nothing.
  • Advertising on sites like

It’s hard to think of an audience better. All site visitors are purposefully looking for a tour and an agency that will help to book it.

Course of events:

  1. The tourist finds a tour on the website and decides to buy it.
  2. Among the recommended agencies chooses you – goes to your site.
  3. In the transition, he does not see the tour that he wanted to buy.
  4. Offended and upset tourist leaves you.
  • Banner advertising

Let this type of advertising does not “generate” traffic to the site, but works great for the brand. It’s great if you come up with some interesting creative, thought, promise. Or choose the right audience that will be interested in your offer. If the tourist did click on the banner – it is very important to create the right first impression.

Course of events:

  1. Potential tourist goes to your site with a banner.
  2. Starts acquaintance with the site: wants to see last minute offers, find a tour according to its criteria, etc.
  3. Some visitors are surprised by the old design, which has been sending greetings since the 2000 :)
  4. Some people leave the site because they did not find what they were looking for. And never come back.
  • Newsletters for tourists

Mailings are one of the favorite tools of many marketers. An audience that has voluntarily and consciously subscribed to your updates, is very loyal to the proposals.

Course of events:

  1. The tourist received your newsletter with an interesting tour, everything fits, no questions.
  2. I wanted to send an application online on the site, but there is no application form, the chat is also not visible.
  3. Sorry tourist can not call during working hours, leaves the site without a reservation.
  • Advertising in social networks

There are agencies that are engaged in the promotion of the page for receiving appeals through social networks. Some set up ads to get traffic to the site. To say that there is only one correct approach is impossible. It is necessary to set goals for the social network based on a separate project. But, let’s say, you still launched an advertisement on Facebook with the goal – transitions to the site.

Course of events:

  1. A potential tourist saw your ad on his Facebook feed.
  2. He clicked on a tempting offer and got ready to get acquainted with your company.
  3. The site is from the past, the description of the tour does not coincide with what was announced.
  4. The tourist leaves the site and no longer responds to Facebook ads.

What happens – the site is to blame?

There may be several reasons. You must understand that a travel agency website is a well-planned and built chain. Each link can knock a tourist off the path to buying a tour.

  1. You must choose the right advertising tools. The setting of advertising is very important: audience, budget and so on.
  2. If you want to get leads through the site, please note that it must be conversion: modern design, smooth operation, filled with all important content, intuitive to use, etc.
  3. Work manager, the final link in the path. If you led the application, and the manager could not complete the transaction – analyze. Error manager, or poor-quality lead. In this case, you need to either engage in training the manager, or change the approach to advertising.

We hope the article was useful and your advertising budget will be brought to the site only the best leads, and managers will make record sales!