5 errors on your site that annoy customers

imagesAll that appears or pops up without your knowledge
People are annoyed by online chat rooms that pop up invitations to “call back in 20 seconds” or subscribe to your vKontakte group. Everyone hates pop-ups, moving advertisements, videos that run without demand, and their variations. The guys who sell you these “activators” claim that this is an effective way to get people to contact you. But is it really?

Do you really believe that an ad that suddenly jumped out and closed the text that the customer wanted to read would be able to attract attention? – Never in a million years!

Take a look at TUI.com, LonelyPlanet.com, HolidayCheck.de and others who make millions on their websites. We are very sorry that ukrainian SilpoVoyage.com.ua, Hottour.com.ua or Poehalisnami.ua neglect these rules, although we warned some of them ;-).

Not adapted for mobile screens.
You probably had to look for a bank branch, New Post, or a restaurant on the road, from your phone. Most often this is possible, but it is much easier to call my wife and ask her to search the Internet. All because most sites are not tested on mobile screens. Yes, and “3G speed” is only a beautiful sign on the boards of mobile operators.

A mobile site is not a separate site or application, the development of which is 2 times more expensive than your main site. Mobile layout is an indication for the designer and layout designer to remember about your customers who use mobile. Usually, this increases the cost of development by no more than 20-30%, and we in ODEV immediately include this in the account even in the minimum package. In addition, the adaptation can be ordered separately, without reworking the entire site.

Last year’s news and “last minute tours” burned out a month ago.
I have nothing to write here. This problem is older than the Internet. In the last 5-7 years, sections of “Testimonials” have also been added to the rotten news, in which the managers themselves write one review every six months. Cut out these sections completely from your site if you cannot update them.

No phones or maps
I am sure that every fifth reader comes to the site of your travel agency in order to find out your phone or how to get to you. He may have come to you through advertising from www.otpusk.com, or he liked the reviews about you on TurPravda, or he has your business card from his last trip, but in all these cases he is not interested in country descriptions or a list of all the services that you offer. He needs your phone number and address, and soon! This information should be at the top of any page, wherever it goes. Do not force him to search for “About the Company”, “Contacts” or “How to reach us” with small text at the bottom of the page.

Remember also about the “generation Z”, which are so fond of messengers, that they would rather sacrifice their own language than a Viber and Skype account. These communication methods have already become a new standard.

Low speed
Site loading speed is very important. This is not about the fact that the user will not wait for the download – no! Times when pages could be loaded tens of seconds already in the past. I’m talking about fractions of a second, which does not notice the eye. It turns out that increasing the download time from 0.3 to 3 seconds can reduce the depth of passage through your site by 2 times. If the pages of your site appear for a long time, the client will unconsciously consider your organization as mediocre. Most likely, he will look through several pages, but you will not be able to make a good impression. There is a great tool for checking download speeds that every PageSpeed ​​Insights can use. If the result of your site is less than 50 – this is no good. A good result is 70-80. Come to us in ODEV, we ate this dog, and we can cook it tasty for you :-)